Friday cocktails at the Woodward

Fries are better served on a fancy doily.

Flatbread with fried clams and maple-cured bacon.  Two cocktails in and things are getting blurry.

Post-dinner rose

Blue Inc.’s Chilled Chocolate Afro Puff.  Marshmallows as garnish?  Heck yes!

Pretzel roll.  We asked for more.  Obviously.

Cocktail number two…the Anorexic Model?

Blue Inc.’s petite homemade gnocchi

It turns out that I don’t enjoy black truffle ice cream.

Is it wrong that I didn’t get a macaron?

Balthazar.  Sweet corn and ricotta ravioli with lobster.  Heaven.

Caramelized banana ricotta tart

Food truck lunch with a buddy.

Walked into my office on a Thursday morning, found a pumpkin cupcake waiting for me.  Thanks Meg!

Coffee + Baileys

Popcorn with truffle and parmesan at the Met

Drinking –> poor judgment –> onion strings


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