Manhattan Beach

Last Friday, I met my college friend Annie in Manhattan Beach for dinner. Annie and I have known each other for 10 years, having met as freshmen when we both volunteered at a children’s hospital. Bonded by a love of food, we quickly became good friends. We ended up in different cities after graduation, but we kept in touch and even spent one memorable Thanksgiving together in Cambridge when I was in law school. Now we’re finally back in the same place, and I can’t wait to explore L.A. with her – which really means eating everything in sight.

We had some time to kill before dinner, so we wandered around the few blocks near the pier. I totally scarfed down a neapolitan mini cupcake at Cupcakes Couture.  It was fluffy and moist with a small dollop of jam in the middle.  Definitely a place to return to. 

We saw some cute houses just a few blocks from the ocean. I loved the walkway on this one, though looking at it now, I think it might be kind of a pain to walk down.

And we caught a beautiful sunset.

Then we had dinner at Manhattan Beach Post, a relatively new restaurant that’s all about sharing: long, rustic communal tables, small plates to be shared with friends.

Dinner started with cocktails and a debate over whether that flower petal was meant to be eaten.

Our server recommended the bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits with maple butter.  These alone are worth moving to L.A. for.  The girls sitting next to us got a second order halfway through their meal.  Smart move, ladies.

We ordered a few other small plates to share, like the bigeye tuna tartare with red curry foam, cucumbers, peanuts, and rice puffs.

And asparagus with a poached egg and mushrooms.

And mushrooms with creamy semolina and fried shallots.

And Vietnamese caramel pork jowl with green papaya salad.

And finally, a sweet ending: a decadent pumpkin pie with candied pepitas and streusel topping. The texture was more like mousse than pie. I wanted to lick the ramekin clean.

Lots of food, lots of fun.  Annie and I have plans to conquer more of the LA food scene. Stay tuned as we eat our way through this city.


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