Bar Food

In 2008, when I was studying for the Massachusetts bar, I hung out at the Starbucks on the first floor of my apartment building all the time.  I drank a lot of coffee.  I also ate a lot of Trader Joe’s mini peanut butter cups (they’re excellent straight out of the fridge).  Anything to stay awake, right?

This time around, I’ve noticed a similar trend.  I tend to stay caffeinated.  And sugar is almost always involved.

Tea, vanilla cream puff from Beard Papa

Coral Tree Cafe: red velvet cupcake, coffee

Huckleberry: a delicious but stubbornly sticky chocolate caramel tart, mocha

Literati latte

Coral Tree Cafe: still undecided as to whether that’s a jalapeno or just really bad latte art.

SusieCakes: strawberry and white chocolate raspberry (afternoon snack and, um, breakfast the next day)

Contrary to all appearances, I am not subsisting solely on a diet of caffeine and sugar.  Sometimes I do order real food.

Literati: spinach florentine

Bricks & Scones: 1/2 grilled cheese and fruit salad at my new favorite place to study (not pictured: their insanely soft, buttery scones…oh my God…)

Huckleberry: green eggs and ham (sunny side up eggs and proscuitto on a grilled English muffin, topped with pesto and arugula).

And here’s me.  Trying to make sense of Real Property.  Mortgages and I will never be friends.



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2 responses to “Bar Food

  1. actorsdiet

    it’s been too long since i’ve been to bricks and scones…i do miss those scones!

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