Return to Boston

Last week I returned to Boston for the first time since I moved away almost six months ago.  I stayed with my buddy Angela, went to work at my firm (but sat in a visitor’s office instead of my old office…sniff), hung out with friends and colleagues, ate a lot, and shopped surprisingly little.

As if I didn’t already know, Angela proved once again how awesome she is — she put pictures of my new puppy (one more week till I get her!) in my room.  What a sweetheart.

I enjoyed opening up my bedroom door to this.

Ptery, stop killing me with your handsomeness.

Snuggles with Duncan, who is as confused as ever.

Two of my favorite girls and an interesting choice of decor in the background.

We had dinner at Helmand, one of my all-time favorite restaurants.  If you haven’t had their bread, you have not lived.

The Marliave‘s Croque Madame is one of my favorite sandwiches EVER.  But it is guaranteed to induce food coma.

We went candle pin bowling Friday night.  Angela performed a victory dance.

I honestly do not know why I’m posing like that.  I’m sorry.

Then we hit the arcade and I forced Angela to ride the kiddy merry-go-round with me.

She paid me back by beating me in a ferocious game of air hockey.

Angela, Christina, and I went to the beach on Saturday.  Our excursion consisted of minimal relaxation, extremely muddy feet, and two broken beach chairs.

We had dinner with Meg at L’Espalier on Saturday night.

One of the several amuse bouche we were served.  I love that it’s on a rock.

We ordered the summer degustation, which consisted of 7 courses.  After this course (foie gras — gotta get my fix whenever I can now that California’s banned it), I became too full to take anymore pictures.

And then on Sunday morning, I said goodbye to Ptery and Duncan.  Till September!


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